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This list includes also a doctoral thesis in geotechnical engineering published in the TVSM-1000 series.

Doctoral Theses and Licentiate Dissertations

Report TVGT-1016  Doctoral Thesis  (2.9 MB)
Title: Numerical Modelling of Geomaterials at Failure
Author: Spetz, Alex
155 pages (printed) / 71 pages (web version). First published September 2019.
ISBN: 978-91-7895-288-5 (print); 978-91-7895-289-2 (pdf).

Report TVGT-1015  Licentiate Dissertation  (pdf not available)
Title: Numerical Modelling of Soil and Soil-Structure Interaction
Author: Spetz, Alex
75 pages. First published 2016. ISBN: 978-91-7623-916-2 (print); 978-91-7623-917-9 (pdf).

Report TVSM-1020  Doctoral Thesis (pdf not available)
Title: Strength of Stabilised Soils. A Laboratory Study on Clays and Organic Soils Stabilised with Different Types of Binder
Author: Åhnberg, Helen
194 pages. First published April, 2006. ISBN: 978-91-628-6790-4.

Report TVGT-1014  Doctoral Thesis  (pdf not available)
Title: Hydro-Mechanical Proerties of a Water Unsaturated Sodium Bentinite
Author: Dueck, Ann
--- pages. First published 2004. ISBN: -.

Report TVGT-1013  Doctoral Thesis  (pdf 11.5 MB)
Title: Compactation and Strength Properties of Stabilised and Unstabilised Fine-Grained Tills
Author: Lindh, Per
374 pages. First published 2004. ISBN: 91-973723-5-8.

Report TVGT-1012  Licentiate Dissertation  (pdf not available)
Title: Advanced Triaxial Testing of Clay Till
Author: Holmén, Martin
--- pages. First published 2003. ISBN: -.

Report TVGT-1011  Licentiate Dissertation  (pdf not available)
Title: A Novel Concept for Seismic Pavement Testing
Author: Rydén, Nils
--- pages. First published 2002. ISBN: -.

Report TVGT-1010  Doctoral Thesis  (pdf not available)
Title: Mass Stabilization
Author: Jelisic, Nenad
--- pages. First published 2004. ISBN: -.

Report TVGT-1009  Doctoral Thesis  (pdf not available)
Title: Application of the SASW-Technique in Geotechnical In-Situ Testing
Author: Svensson, Mats
--- pages. First published March, 2001. ISBN: -.

Report TVGT-1008  Licentiate Dissertation  (pdf not available)
Title: Soil-Stabilization of Fine Grained Till Soils
Author: Lindh, Per
--- pages. First published 2000. ISBN: -.

Report TVGT-1007  Licentiate Dissertation  (pdf not available)
Title: Masstabilisering
Author: Jelisic, Nenad
--- pages. First published 1999. ISBN: -.

Report TVGT-1006  Licentiate Dissertation  (pdf not available)
Title: Modern Methods for Determination of Shear Module. Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves (SASW) and Blender Element Method
Author: Svensson, Mats
-- pages. First published 1998. ISBN: -.

Report TVGT-1005  Licentiate Dissertation  (pdf not available)
Title: Shear Strength in Clay Tills From Soutwestern Scania Sweden
Author: Dueck, Ann
--- pages. First published 1998. ISBN: -.

Report TVGT-1004  Licentiate Dissertation  (pdf not available)
Title: Packning av omättad friktionsjord genom vatten övermättnad - En laborationsstudie
Author: Nelson, Björn
--- pages. First published 1996. ISBN: -.

Report TVGT-1003  Licentiate Dissertation  (pdf not available)
Title: CPT-sondering i finjord. Olika aspekter på handhavande av utrustning och uttolkning av jordparametrar
Author: Johannesson, Lars-Erik
--- pages. First published 1990. ISBN: -.

Report TVGT-1002  Licentiate Dissertation  (pdf not available)
Title: Load-Deflection Relationship of Horizontally Loaded Plinths
Author: Gudmundsson, Gísli H
.--- pages. First published 1984. ISBN: -.

Report TVGT-1001  Doctoral Thesis  (pdf not available)
Title: Packad lermoräns hållfasthets- och kompressionsegenskaper
Author: Stigson Malmborg, Bo
--- pages. First published 19--. ISBN: -.

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